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what is pre mature ejaculation? 
this is the condition where by  a man release sperms few seconds or minutes after start having sex, probably before even satsifying the partner...this problem affects a very big population of men world wide and its accompained a very stressful situation in men. 

this condition has caused a lot of conflicts among  couples  and even break ups.. research shows that a man should ejaculate at least after four minutes althogh some research suggests 8 to 12 minutes. in a real world, there is no way a man can satsify a woman if he ejaculates before a 4th minute of having sex and the following causes have been discovered to cause the situation. 

musterbution; young boys who start musterbating at young age tends to do it fast so that they wont be seen or caught so that thing of ejaculating fast appers again when having sex with a woman. 

staying to long without having sex; this cause someone to be very horny and accumulates a lot of sperms and when someone like this get to have sex, only lasts for few seconds because of massive stimulation. 

disease affecting male reproductive system; some diseases affecting men have shown to affect ejaculation time. example prostitis 

genetically inherited; some families have shown to have this problem, concluding that it can be inherited from fathers to sons. 

drugs; some drugs which are used to treat nervous system conditions have shown to affect ejaculation time. example amitriptyline 

treatment of pre mature ejaculation 
treating the underlying cause is the first step during this treatment of pre mature ejaculation, but we have 2 types of treatments; 
pharmacological treatment; this is the type of treatment which require drugs to treat the condition.  

non pharmacological treatment; this is the type of treatment which don’t require drugs, only behaviour therapy. 

the combination of both methods have shown to be effective than the use of single method,  so lets start with non pharmacological method. 
use condom; condom don’t only protect against hiv and pregnancy but it also reduce sensations which may bring about pre mature ejaculation in men. 

do it slowly; porn videos make people think that good sex must be very fast like dogs but that not true because if a man does that,  he ejaculates very quickly but if its done slowly  sensations is reduced  to a man and improves his performance also women tends to be highly stimulated and reach climax within few minutes when its done slowly and penetreted deeply by a penis. 

change style; the old style of man coming on top and doggy style causes massive stimulation on the head of penis hence a man ejaculates quickly but if a women comes on top or couples who have sex in a left lateral or right lateral position facing the same side the man  will bring about long lasting performance. so am not saying men should not to use those missionary and doggy styles but to use them when they have already satsified their women. 

don’t concetrate much on having sex; try to think about other thing when having job, studies, sport and etc..that will reduce your stimulation and perform better. 

ejaculating shouldn’t be your main goal; have sex to have pleasure, ejaculating is just the part of it so focusing on ejaculating only will make you get you wish in seconds. 

be confident during sex; a woman is not an animal, don’t be afraid of her, have sex with confident that you will satsify her but being afraid wont bring you any good than embarasment. 

consume some alcohol for drinkers; if you take alcohol take a small amount of it like one glass of wine, a bottle of beer, whisky and etc. alcohol act by reducing sensation of the whole nervous system of the body hence delaying ejaculation. 

pharmacological treatment;  
the following drugs can be used to treat this condition; 
serotonin reuptake inhibitors example paroxetine tablets which is taken 8 hours before intercourse. 
anesthetic cream example lidocaine cream which is applied on the head of the penis about 15 minutes before sex. 
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