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These are the six reasons why condoms burst during sexual intercourse...

many people claim that condoms dont work properly and most of the time they burst and cause pregnancy and transmission of some diseases but the painful truth is we are the one who cause  condoms burst due to improper use... generally, condoms have been tested by responsible companies and safety authorities before being used by public and they can protect sexual transmitted diseases  and pregnancy by more than 95% percent. so let us see the mistakes which cause it to burst during sex

application of more more oil on the condom: adding more oil on the dry condom can destroy the latex nature of the particular condom and make it prone to rapture so its better to replace a condom when its so dry rather than applying lubrication oil.

using the condom which has changed the colour: colour change in most product means that they cant be used anymore so if you know this condom is always red and today you find that it has started to lose its colour that means its spoiled and is prone to burst if used.

using the same condom twice; after a first round its its advised to dump it and use a new condom so if you try to force already used condom, it will end up bursting.

having sex with a woman who is not wet: having sex with a woman who is not properly stimulated or turned on can result in increase of friction of the condom and burst, so try not to rush when you are supposed to have sex just prepare her well and enjoy.

improper use; avoid unrolling the condom and start to put it on a penis, a condom must be unrolled on the erect penis immediately after opening it. also the head of the condom should be pinched on putting it on  to remove excess air inside it which is the number one cause of the burst.

using expired condoms; many people dont read the expire date before using a condom, its dangerous to use an expired condom because it is no longer stable as before.
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  1. I learn about your condooms are actually screened by simply dependable firms along with protection specialists ahead of being employed by simply general public and they also could shield erectile transported ailments along with maternity by simply over 95% per cent. consequently allow us to understand the faults which in turn cause it to break open during sexual intercourse.