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Its obvious that women are so many than men in the world right now, scientifically Its  because of the fact that probability of getting a baby boy in those unsafe days is very small. As in the whole cycle, there are like  five chances of getting a baby girl but only one chance of getting a baby boy  so mathematicaly its not easy to get a boy therefore  girls population will always be above boys population.
Most of the time especially in African cultures men blame women for not bearing baby boys and sometimes ends up in marriages break up. But the real fact is, a woman shouldn’t be blamed for that mistake because its not her fault and both of you contribute for the problem unknowingly. So today am going to talk about six effective ways of getting a baby boy as follows.

Have sex on ovulation day :  this is the day when the ovum is released from the ovary. Therefore scientifically there two types of sperms, the ones carrying y chromosomes which are for male and the x chromosome for  female. Boys sperms are weaker, smaller and faster while female sperms are stronger and slower and can survive for a long time in the woman body.
 so the point here is if you have sex during an ovulation day {14th day before the onset of the next cycle] boys sperms will arrive in the uterine tube and fertilize the ovum  immediately but if you have sex two or three days before ovulation the boy sperm will arrive faster and they will find no ovum and die while the girl sperm will arrive late wait until the ovum is released get fertilized.  If you don’t know how to count your days read here

A man should increase sperm counts: a man can increase sperm count by abstaining at least for one week waiting for a woman to reach ovulation also by keeping the scrotum in cool environment by not wearing tight pants and not putting a laptop on his thigh.

Use style which influence deep penetration; a good style is doggy style where by the sperms are ejaculated right on the cervix. Ejaculating far away from the cervix may kill Y sperms then X sperm will survive and ending up getting a female kid.

Make sure a woman get an orgasm; orgasm brings a lot of fluid in the vagina which are alkaline in nature  and neutralize a lot of acid which is found in the vagina so this pave the way for a Y sperms to survive and arrive earlier to fertilize an ovum.

Don’t have sex before ovulation; as I have said in the previous points, this will cause the death of Y sperms which were supposed to give a boy because the will arrive earlier and die so more likely the x sperm for a girl will survive and make a girl.

Use a thermometer to know your ovulation day; some women cycles are so confusing that its not easy to get an ovulation day by counting using a calendar  so a body thermometer can help you as follows;  test your body temperature every morning and if it happens that one morning a temperature has increased by at  0.5 degree while you don’t feel sick  and colourless mucous fluid like that of the hen egg is coming out of your vagina then that is the boys day.
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                           DR.KALEGAMYE HINYUYE MLONDO

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