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What is abortion?
this is when a woman willingly terminates the implanted pregnancy in her uterine cavity. due to the fact that many couples dont use any form of birth controll method and even those who  say they use calender method dont know how it works very well and some can even have sex when they are drunk in their unsafe days and get impregnanted.
but many of the girls find themselves not ready for the kids and forced to abort,  and even those who have kids already can find themselves pregnant again in few weeks post delivery and forced to abort. but am telling you the rumours you are being told about the side effects of birth controll methods are better than the real side effects of induced abortion.lets see the side effects...

infertility;  now days probably 70% of women who are complaining of failure to get pregnancy have the history of one or two abortions according to my research, this effects is caused by the complications which are left in the uterus post abortion. example uterine scars, infections and chronic pelvic inflamatory diseases which can cause someone  to be infertile permanently.

ectopic pregnancy;this is the pregnancy which is formed outside the uterus, lets says in the fallopian tube. abortions cause the scars on the fallopian tubes, putting obstructions on the tubes and cause the fertilized ovum to grow in the tubes causing the rapture of the fallopian tubes. this is an emergency situation and if not intervened may cause death.

cancer of the cervix: hormonal changes, scars on the cervix and chronic infections caused by abortions cause the abnormal multiplication of the cells on the cervix the condition which is called cancer. cervical cancer can multiply to the colon, rectum, reproductive organs, lungs and e.t.c and if not diasgnosed earlier the disease is always fatal.

risk of death; researches shows that women who abort have four times more risk of dying than those who dont abort. the deaths are commonly caused by suicide due to guilt they carry post abortion but also severe bleeding, chronic infections and blood clots in the blood system can lead to death.

psychological torture; No woman is ever proud of her abortions, those guilt follow them for the rest of their lives..they suffer depression, loss of appetite, hearing child voices, getting angry easily and etc. if you are experiencing these things its better to see someone who can advise you without judging, because that situation can make you take your life.

conclusion; every year 70000 women dies because of abortions and the number is increasing in time, the pain of not having a kid in your life is more than the pain of giving birth before time [women who are infertile undestand this]. therefore if you are young and you dont want a kid now or if you have a kid but you need more time to get another kid then go to hospital, put an implanon in your arm and live in peace.

                                                                  STAY ALIVE

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