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every year more than 50 million people die....we all know that one day all of us will die and its a painful truth that many people dont want to swallow but regardness of who you are, death will come to all men.. although no one wishes to die.there are many myths out there on what happens when someone dies but no one is real sure of the answers and you just have to believe what you think is right..its possible that people who were born in a year 1900 are all dead by now due to multiple causes and people who were born in 2000 will all be dead by 2100.but that is not my main topic.. today am going to talk about 5 psychological stages of death which people pass through before death.this is stages occour to people who are killed by aging and illness not who are killed by a sudden accidents.

rejection; after being told by a doctor that a patient has a certain disease which is always fatal i.e cancer,hiv/aids and etc many people will not accept the truth and they will tend to go to many hospitals to confirm if the diagnosis was right or wrong. a person my go mad at this stage because of the reaction and if not careful monitored and given proper counseling he or she may commit suicide.

anger; at this second stage a patient start to regret about what she has done in his or her life, regreting a life style which she thinks it might have contributed to the disease, hate all people she or he suspect that may be they a responsible for the illness.the patient becomes very angry to almost everyone.

bargaining;at this stage, a patient start to look for other alternatives like traditional herbs, searches in internet where in the world the cure might have been found, talk to a doctors if there other treatments option to save his or her life.

depression;at this stage the patient has already discovered that nothing can save him or her so becomes very depressed and srart thinking on how his or her family is going to survive after his or her death, things he or she never accomplished in life, the patient thinks on what will happen in the grave when he dies. this is another stage where a patient can commit suicide if not monitored.

acceptance; this is the last stage of death where by a patient swallows the fact that he or she is going to die. calls friends and family and talk to all things that he or she always wanted to do in life time.the patient look happy than before and may call a religious leader to pray for him or her. he or she talk to the family on what should be done after his or her death and start giving the last the end the patient die.

conclusion; dont live as if you will be here forever...create your legacy by helping other people who needs your dont need to be rich in order to peaceful with people and even if you die today, you will live in peoples heart forever..

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