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What is musterbation?
This is a situation of  rubing your own genital organs to get a sexual pleasure using fingers or any artificial thing . Musterbation is more common in boys than gals aged between 14 to 30, its very addictive that its not easy for someone to quit once he has started the habit.

There has been a lot of arguments between medical researchers whether musterbation has side effects or not without reaching a good conclusion but as a medical student researched about it because I was once addicted too and I concluded my research by asking questions about 50 friends about  of mine who have been musterbating  for a long time too and they had the same problems i was having, so finally I don’t think if anyone who has never musterbuted has the right to say that this thing is safe…and the following are the conclusions I came up with.

Weak erection: musterbution causes a man to have a very poor erection and according to my research there is no pathological condition which cause that poor erection, its just that musterbution kills the horniness of the man because he is always satisfied. And I like to compare a hunger to eat and horniness,  that we expect someone who is very hungry to eat more than the one who is not hungry. Now if you are always satisfied with musterbation how can you erect?

Fatiquability state: people who musterbate are always tired and once someone has finished musterbating he tends to feel so sleepy and sometimes sleep totally for couple of hours. This make them so lazy and not to feel like doing anything most of the time.

Loss of short memory; people who musterbate forget a lot that he can keep something somewhere and forget it in very few minutes. This can be dangerous and may cause loss of some Important documents if they happen to forget something important somewhere unsafe.

Headache: headache is very common just few minutes after finishing musterbating, am not sure with the reason behind this but it seems musterbation has something bad to do with the nervous system because before someone ejaculates many systems are involved including endocrine system.

Low sperm count; musterbation can cause someone to ejaculate immature and very low amount of sperms which can not fertilize an egg to make a woman pregnancy.

It is very addictive; once you stary musterbating it will take you months to quit completely because whenever you see a woman or photos which attract you sexually you will be tempted to musterbate.

Musterbation can cause the loss of libido:causing conflict in a particular relationship because most of the people who musterbate cant be stimulated sexually easily compared to those who don’t musterbate.

Depression; Most of the time people regret after musterbating because they wish to stop but they cant and this can cause loss of self esteem and confidence in public because of the guilty you have in your heart and mind.

Homosexuality; two people of the same sex who musterbate together especially in colleges and high schools may be tempted to start satisfying each other and ending starting a gayish behavior which is  prohibited in some cultures of the world.

Pre mature ejaculation; musterbation most of the time done very quickly probably avoiding to be caught due to lack of privacy. This may destroy someone psychological and end up reach climax in few minutes, and even if he happens to have sex with a girl things can be the same.
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