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obesity is now a global problem in the world especially in developed countries where food is in excess unlike developing countries where food is scarce...
many companies now comes with formulas to reduce weight, some of them works and some of them dont work but all in all many people dont loose weight because they lack discipline and cant do what they are told to do.
in simple words, some one is supposed to weigh according to his or her height..example if you have 170cm you minus 100 to get your maximum weight that you should not exceed 70kg.
lets go to the topic direct and see what is supposed to be done to loose and mantain in normal weight even if you are not working out....

drink a lot of water before any meal: this will help you to feel bloated and you will find yourself eating small amount of food compared to someone who doesnt take water before.

stop eating candies; candies looks small in size but they contain a lot of calories capable of making someone fat..

go to bed with an empty stomach; dont eat and sleep immediately because that food wont be used to make energy but will be changed to fat and get at least eat four hours before bed time.

dont skip breakfast; skipping breakfast will make you eat a lot in the afternoon and evening and cause more weight gain but also it has negative effects in your brain function...

eat a lot of fruits and green vegetables; they increase digestion speed and detoxify the body

avoid heavy meals; it three or four small meals per day because they increase the rate of body metabolism unlike heavy meals.

eat slowly; the nervous system detects that someone is full in 20 minutes so if you eat less than that time the detection will delay and you will add more food in your plate before discovering that you have overfed yourself.

reduce the consumption of carbohydrate diet; those foods are supposed to be eaten by people who are doing works requires a lot of body energy so should be consumed mildly by an average person who doesnt work a lot.e,g rice, bread, potatoes,cassava etc

reduce red meat consumption; try to finish at least 7 days in a month without eating meat. this has a good effect on your cholestrol level.

reduce alcohol consumption; some people think that consuming a lot of very strong drinks help in burning fat.its not true, its only kills your liver and reduce metabolic rate of the body...such thing 
doeasnt exist...

reduce salt consumption; salt cause sodium to retain water in the body and hence increase weight..this can also cause the increase in blood pressure.

stop eating fast foods; most of these foods contains a lot of calories, its better you have time to cook by yourslf at home.

try appetite supressing suppliments; some people cant controll their craving so they eat a lot, there is this product called garcinia[a plant from asia but now in tablets form} supresses appetite, increase metabolism and impair the formation of fat by the body. 

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