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Now days incidences of heart break between couples is increasing probably because of long distance between couples, cheatings, not being accepted by specific side of parents, money greedy, religious and race reasons, endless fights, loss of feelings, death of one you loved and etc.Those incidences have caused a lot of problems in our community like confusion, suicide, poor performance in class, loss of focus in life, quiting of jobs and etc
Generally heart breaking cant be prevented but complications coming from heart break can be prevented and someone can go back in his or her previous normal life as before. Therefore let us see how can someone move on after a heart break.
Delete your ex contacts; keep on calling and texting him or her will make things worse especially if she or he doesn’t want you any more and probably you are replaced already by someone else,so just keep quite and even if you  have the number in your head don’t write them anywhere because silence is the best weapon.
Be busy with other things; go out with friends,visit places you never visited before, watch action movies, don’t listen to love songs by the time being because they will eat you and don’t just stay alone thinking all day long.
Don’t hide your feelings; tell your friends, members of family, relative and other people what happened to you and that will ease your pain and you will feel at least relaxed but hiding things wont do any good to you.
Don’t stop your tears;if you feel like crying just cry,  the more you cry the more you will feel better so trying to hide your tears will make you feel like killing yourself plus a lot of guilt in your heart.
Don’t replace your ex immediately; most of people like to find other partner immediately in order to feel better but am telling you its not a good way to fight your pain because after sometime you will realize that you never loved the new partner and you just took him or her for your own problems.[ anyway a woman can learn to love someone but a man can never do that]
Write down your ex weaknesses;  identifying his or her weaknesses, may be he or she  was not kind, doesnt care,always drunk, cheating most of the time, arrogant, not that cute or handsome, not focused in life,not that sexy etc will make you feel that you haven’t lost something great and move on even if he or she happens to want you back you will reject him or her easily.
Forgive him or her; the only way to be free is to forgive even he or she hasn’t asked for forgiviness of what happened  because keeping grudges will only make you feel like revenging and you may find yourself doing something stupid so just let it go.
dont expect him or her back: if you have strong reasons for a break up, stop being in a dilema whether you should wait or move on, you are not a love slave just move on with your life and let me remind you that there are billions of men and women in this world who are single and happy waiting for you.
Stay away from things which remind you of him; places you used to visit with him, photos you took together, movies and songs you watched together. delete everything and memories of him and or her because those things must be kept away from you. Find new friends and have fun with them.[ by the time being never try to make your ex a friend of yours because it will hurt you more, may be after some years later]
Think about the benefit of being single;  single can be very fun like…sleeping alone, go out without being asked questions, you don’t worry about your phone being off or on, live your life, being free from daily relationship conflicts, redution of cost of life and now you can be more focused with your life.
Use some ant depressant medication; sometimes pain can be so intense that someone cant even sleep, do his or her job and cant talk to friends especially in the first days of break up. This situation is dangerous  and can make someone commit suicide so taking some drugs for treatment of depression like bubropion,clomipramine, and doxepin can help a lot.
Believe you will get another one; in this life, no one belongs to anyone..anybody can start a relationship with any person and make things so good, what matters is love between them. stop wasting time with a wrong people in this life which is too short to cry everyday... there are many beautiful things to enjoy in this world, thousands of movie series, millions of songs, thousand of clubs and beaches, many good friends..why are you depressed?  leave the fear of unknown that 'am afraid to be single' because that fear is not REAL as i said before billions of women and men are single and happy out there.Give yourself enogh time to forget and focus on your life.... but don’t give up in love because of few people who broke your heart. TRUST ME, ANOTHER TIME WILL COME…NEW LOVER, NEW HAPPYNESS AND NEW LIFE and you will find yourself in love again without expecting it.

                                                    STAY ALIVE  
                           DR.KALEGAMYE HINYUYE MLONDO

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