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Abortion rate has increased a lot now days , researches shows that its because of early involvement in sexual relationships in this century, negligence in using birth control method, and presence of many abortion pills which are sold as the over counter medications especially in third world countries..research adds that in every 3 women 1 will do an abortion before the age of 45. abortions have caused many complications and deaths especially in less developed countries compared to developed countries because of the health system if someone gets her abortion in hospital, she is in safe side but if you abort at home by using abortion pills or any other method then there are things you must do.

go to hospital and meet a doctor; tell him or her the truth, the doctor will prescribe you antibiotics and other drugs which will hep you to recover early and prevent you from infections. he may also do a pelvic utrasound to see if there is anything wrong with uterus, ovary, fallopian tube, cervix and e.t.c...check for sexual transimited disease which most of the time are accompained with unsafe sex.failure to do this may cause permanent  infertility in future.

choose a best birth controll method and use it; i know some women who have done more than five abortions..i call it carelesseness because you have a chance of choosing a birth controll method which will suit you and avoid further conceptions after aborting once.they say birth controll  methods are harmful but am telling you multiple abortions effects are worse than using those birth controll method. i would recommend an implant with oestrogen which is inserted in the upper arm because its one of the best.

meet a psychotherapist: some women feel guilt after abortion, they feel guilt for what they have done in their lives.they feel like they deserve punishment for it, they feel like they have offended their god and some get nightmares when they sleep, seeing the dead children they have killed.well, its all in your mind..the past is the cant be changed so what you need to do now is fix the future and move on.if you believe in god then go and repent your sins and believe in forgiviness and if you dont believe in god just move on with your by visiting a psychotherapist you will get more of this informations and be released from your guilt chains.

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What is abortion?
this is when a woman willingly terminates the implanted pregnancy in her uterine cavity. due to the fact that many couples dont use any form of birth controll method and even those who  say they use calender method dont know how it works very well and some can even have sex when they are drunk in their unsafe days and get impregnanted.
but many of the girls find themselves not ready for the kids and forced to abort,  and even those who have kids already can find themselves pregnant again in few weeks post delivery and forced to abort. but am telling you the rumours you are being told about the side effects of birth controll methods are better than the real side effects of induced abortion.lets see the side effects...

infertility;  now days probably 70% of women who are complaining of failure to get pregnancy have the history of one or two abortions according to my research, this effects is caused by the complications which are left in the uterus post abortion. example uterine scars, infections and chronic pelvic inflamatory diseases which can cause someone  to be infertile permanently.

ectopic pregnancy;this is the pregnancy which is formed outside the uterus, lets says in the fallopian tube. abortions cause the scars on the fallopian tubes, putting obstructions on the tubes and cause the fertilized ovum to grow in the tubes causing the rapture of the fallopian tubes. this is an emergency situation and if not intervened may cause death.

cancer of the cervix: hormonal changes, scars on the cervix and chronic infections caused by abortions cause the abnormal multiplication of the cells on the cervix the condition which is called cancer. cervical cancer can multiply to the colon, rectum, reproductive organs, lungs and e.t.c and if not diasgnosed earlier the disease is always fatal.

risk of death; researches shows that women who abort have four times more risk of dying than those who dont abort. the deaths are commonly caused by suicide due to guilt they carry post abortion but also severe bleeding, chronic infections and blood clots in the blood system can lead to death.

psychological torture; No woman is ever proud of her abortions, those guilt follow them for the rest of their lives..they suffer depression, loss of appetite, hearing child voices, getting angry easily and etc. if you are experiencing these things its better to see someone who can advise you without judging, because that situation can make you take your life.

conclusion; every year 70000 women dies because of abortions and the number is increasing in time, the pain of not having a kid in your life is more than the pain of giving birth before time [women who are infertile undestand this]. therefore if you are young and you dont want a kid now or if you have a kid but you need more time to get another kid then go to hospital, put an implanon in your arm and live in peace.

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This may be one of the most shocking  article you have never come across or never assumed this thing could exist but its 100% true. Some people happen to be very horny and have sex during their periods thinking that it’s the safest day but the bad news is its not, because there are some situations a woman can conceive in those days. How does this happen?
In my previous article I once explained about safe days and unsafe days to different menstrual cycle as follows.
If you have 28 days cycle  just minus 14 and you will get a 14th day as ovulation day counting from a first day you saw your periods, and the other  fertile days are days 11,12,13, and 15.[ovulation is the day when an ovum of the woman is released from the ovary ]
   If you have longer cycles, say 35 days just minus 14 and you will get 21st day as a day of ovulation and other fertile days are days  18,19, 20, and 22.
   If you have shorter cycles, say 25 days just minus 14 and you will get 11, ovulation happens on day 11 and the fertile days are days 8,9,10, and 12,  now in this short cycles is when things can get complicated as I said before..
Lets say someone has a cycle of 21 days if you minus 14 you get a 7th day as an ovulation day  and other unsafe days are day 4,5,6 and 8 so if this woman get he periods from 1st to 4th day and she has sex in this third or forth day of her periods the sperm can survive up to three days and reach the 5th, 6th and 7th  days hence pregnancy so don’t be shocked or surprised if this happens to you or your partner.
Conclusion:as a woman pregnancy should never happen as an accident, every woman is supposed to know her cycle and protect herself from unexpected pregnancy and if you cant do this there are many family planning method out there. Don’t be fooled that those family planning methods have a lot of side effects because abortion side effects are worse than family planning methods side effects.

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Many bloggers seem to assume that  the readers of the blogs are health workers or medical students especially when talking about medical subjects, meaning that they complicate things and tell people things which are not necessary to them.
Calculating safe days is one of the easiest things to do but the problem many women do not even know themselves very well and today am going to simplify this topic very well so that everyone can understand.

What do you need to know to calculate your safe days?
Know your menstrual cycle: this is a  periodic cycle from day one of previous menstruation to the last before the onset of the next menstruation. So count from a current menstruation to a next menstruation…The duration varies from 21 up to 35 days. 
Example; if you saw your periods on first of January then you see another period on 29th of January, your cycle is 28 days and it’s the most common cycle. But in order to be accurate about your cycle you have to make follow up for at least 3 to 6 months to be sure that it doesn’t change every month and if it changes then you have to record your longest period and your shortest period.

how do you calculate your safe days?
Ovulation{release of egg from the ovary] takes place at 14th day before the onset of next menstruation to all women NOT  14th from the first day of the previous menstruation, this is where many people confuse and end up being pregnant.. so you just take your cycle length minus 14 and you get your day of ovulation…but due to the fact that a sperm can survive up to 5 days   and ovum can survive up  to 24 hours in female reproductive organs then the four days before ovulation and 24 hours after ovulation are dangerous days to have unsafe sex.
    If you have 28 days cycle  just minus 14 and you will get a 14th day as ovulation day counting from a first day you saw your periods, and the  fertile days are days 10,11,12, 13, 14{ovulation day] and 15.
   If you have longer cycles, say 35 days just minus 14 and you will get 21, ovulation happens on day 21 and the fertile days are days  17,18,19, 20, 21[ovulation day] and 22.
   If you have shorter cycles, say 25 days just minus 14 and you will get 11, ovulation happens on day 11 and the fertile days are days 7,8,9,10,11[ovulation day] and 12.

If  your cycle is irregular then make follow up for six months to get your longest and shortest cycle, from there minus 18 to the shortest cycle and minus 10 to longest cycle to get your dangerous days. 
Example your longest cycle is 36 days and shortest cycle is 30 days then 36 minus 10 you get 26 and 30 minus 18 you get 12, there fore your unsafe days are day 12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,10,21,22,23,24,25,26..

Conclusion; you have to count from the date your menses started and not when it ended and using this method one need to be very careful because cycle changes sometimes so you need to make a good follow up of your cycle.

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New studies have shown that in every three men, one of them has less erection power..this  news has shocked many people of course.....and  by using this oppurtunity many fake doctors have risen up claiming to have the drugs which can restore back erection, something which is not real.
up to now there is no drug which restore erection permenently and most drugs which are sold in markert do that work temporaly, the only things which can make good erection to be permanent is food and exercises. so today lets see the foods which have been proved to be good in that job.

pea nut; this is the food which is found in almost all places in africa, it is a protein in nature and it has a type of amino acid called l arginine which dilates blood vessels and allow more blood to flow in the penis to enhance erection.                                    
chocolate; this also commonly available food in retail shops, supermarkets and etc and can be bought in a very cheap price. chocolate contains phenylethylamine  and alkaloid which increases potency and stamina during sexual intercourse.
blue berries; these are fruits which are commonly found in north america and very few in africa unless you happen to go in big super markets but they increase erection by reducing amount of cholestrol in the blood system hence increasing blood supply to the penis bringing more power and longer erection.

garlic; in africa this used more to increase food taste and flavours but it works very good when it used uncooked because like as those foods i have explained above, garlic increase blood supply to the penis and makes you like a horny bull dog.

banana; this fruit is world widely found,  it contains enzyme called bromelain which increases hornyness to have sex and it has vitamin b1 which give us energy to persist for a long time without getting tired during intercourse.

conclusion; the above mentioned food work well if used as the part of your food for the rest of your life and not to be eaten in a short time as if you are taking some drugs because having sex is a part of your life too.       
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what is pre mature ejaculation? 
this is the condition where by  a man release sperms few seconds or minutes after start having sex, probably before even satsifying the partner...this problem affects a very big population of men world wide and its accompained a very stressful situation in men. 

this condition has caused a lot of conflicts among  couples  and even break ups.. research shows that a man should ejaculate at least after four minutes althogh some research suggests 8 to 12 minutes. in a real world, there is no way a man can satsify a woman if he ejaculates before a 4th minute of having sex and the following causes have been discovered to cause the situation. 

musterbution; young boys who start musterbating at young age tends to do it fast so that they wont be seen or caught so that thing of ejaculating fast appers again when having sex with a woman. 

staying to long without having sex; this cause someone to be very horny and accumulates a lot of sperms and when someone like this get to have sex, only lasts for few seconds because of massive stimulation. 

disease affecting male reproductive system; some diseases affecting men have shown to affect ejaculation time. example prostitis 

genetically inherited; some families have shown to have this problem, concluding that it can be inherited from fathers to sons. 

drugs; some drugs which are used to treat nervous system conditions have shown to affect ejaculation time. example amitriptyline 

treatment of pre mature ejaculation 
treating the underlying cause is the first step during this treatment of pre mature ejaculation, but we have 2 types of treatments; 
pharmacological treatment; this is the type of treatment which require drugs to treat the condition.  

non pharmacological treatment; this is the type of treatment which don’t require drugs, only behaviour therapy. 

the combination of both methods have shown to be effective than the use of single method,  so lets start with non pharmacological method. 
use condom; condom don’t only protect against hiv and pregnancy but it also reduce sensations which may bring about pre mature ejaculation in men. 

do it slowly; porn videos make people think that good sex must be very fast like dogs but that not true because if a man does that,  he ejaculates very quickly but if its done slowly  sensations is reduced  to a man and improves his performance also women tends to be highly stimulated and reach climax within few minutes when its done slowly and penetreted deeply by a penis. 

change style; the old style of man coming on top and doggy style causes massive stimulation on the head of penis hence a man ejaculates quickly but if a women comes on top or couples who have sex in a left lateral or right lateral position facing the same side the man  will bring about long lasting performance. so am not saying men should not to use those missionary and doggy styles but to use them when they have already satsified their women. 

don’t concetrate much on having sex; try to think about other thing when having job, studies, sport and etc..that will reduce your stimulation and perform better. 

ejaculating shouldn’t be your main goal; have sex to have pleasure, ejaculating is just the part of it so focusing on ejaculating only will make you get you wish in seconds. 

be confident during sex; a woman is not an animal, don’t be afraid of her, have sex with confident that you will satsify her but being afraid wont bring you any good than embarasment. 

consume some alcohol for drinkers; if you take alcohol take a small amount of it like one glass of wine, a bottle of beer, whisky and etc. alcohol act by reducing sensation of the whole nervous system of the body hence delaying ejaculation. 

pharmacological treatment;  
the following drugs can be used to treat this condition; 
serotonin reuptake inhibitors example paroxetine tablets which is taken 8 hours before intercourse. 
anesthetic cream example lidocaine cream which is applied on the head of the penis about 15 minutes before sex. 
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These are the six reasons why condoms burst during sexual intercourse...

many people claim that condoms dont work properly and most of the time they burst and cause pregnancy and transmission of some diseases but the painful truth is we are the one who cause  condoms burst due to improper use... generally, condoms have been tested by responsible companies and safety authorities before being used by public and they can protect sexual transmitted diseases  and pregnancy by more than 95% percent. so let us see the mistakes which cause it to burst during sex

application of more more oil on the condom: adding more oil on the dry condom can destroy the latex nature of the particular condom and make it prone to rapture so its better to replace a condom when its so dry rather than applying lubrication oil.

using the condom which has changed the colour: colour change in most product means that they cant be used anymore so if you know this condom is always red and today you find that it has started to lose its colour that means its spoiled and is prone to burst if used.

using the same condom twice; after a first round its its advised to dump it and use a new condom so if you try to force already used condom, it will end up bursting.

having sex with a woman who is not wet: having sex with a woman who is not properly stimulated or turned on can result in increase of friction of the condom and burst, so try not to rush when you are supposed to have sex just prepare her well and enjoy.

improper use; avoid unrolling the condom and start to put it on a penis, a condom must be unrolled on the erect penis immediately after opening it. also the head of the condom should be pinched on putting it on  to remove excess air inside it which is the number one cause of the burst.

using expired condoms; many people dont read the expire date before using a condom, its dangerous to use an expired condom because it is no longer stable as before.
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obesity is now a global problem in the world especially in developed countries where food is in excess unlike developing countries where food is scarce...
many companies now comes with formulas to reduce weight, some of them works and some of them dont work but all in all many people dont loose weight because they lack discipline and cant do what they are told to do.
in simple words, some one is supposed to weigh according to his or her height..example if you have 170cm you minus 100 to get your maximum weight that you should not exceed 70kg.
lets go to the topic direct and see what is supposed to be done to loose and mantain in normal weight even if you are not working out....

drink a lot of water before any meal: this will help you to feel bloated and you will find yourself eating small amount of food compared to someone who doesnt take water before.

stop eating candies; candies looks small in size but they contain a lot of calories capable of making someone fat..

go to bed with an empty stomach; dont eat and sleep immediately because that food wont be used to make energy but will be changed to fat and get at least eat four hours before bed time.

dont skip breakfast; skipping breakfast will make you eat a lot in the afternoon and evening and cause more weight gain but also it has negative effects in your brain function...

eat a lot of fruits and green vegetables; they increase digestion speed and detoxify the body

avoid heavy meals; it three or four small meals per day because they increase the rate of body metabolism unlike heavy meals.

eat slowly; the nervous system detects that someone is full in 20 minutes so if you eat less than that time the detection will delay and you will add more food in your plate before discovering that you have overfed yourself.

reduce the consumption of carbohydrate diet; those foods are supposed to be eaten by people who are doing works requires a lot of body energy so should be consumed mildly by an average person who doesnt work a lot.e,g rice, bread, potatoes,cassava etc

reduce red meat consumption; try to finish at least 7 days in a month without eating meat. this has a good effect on your cholestrol level.

reduce alcohol consumption; some people think that consuming a lot of very strong drinks help in burning fat.its not true, its only kills your liver and reduce metabolic rate of the body...such thing 
doeasnt exist...

reduce salt consumption; salt cause sodium to retain water in the body and hence increase weight..this can also cause the increase in blood pressure.

stop eating fast foods; most of these foods contains a lot of calories, its better you have time to cook by yourslf at home.

try appetite supressing suppliments; some people cant controll their craving so they eat a lot, there is this product called garcinia[a plant from asia but now in tablets form} supresses appetite, increase metabolism and impair the formation of fat by the body. 

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